Buffalo Fitness Training Studio is a place for lifestyle Transformations. The Studio is run by one Man, Rhydell Griffin. He is the Transformation King, your favorite Trainer, and most of all he's a product of his service.

Meet Rhydell Griffin!

Rhydell is a graduate of Buffalo State College, where he received his bachelor's in English Education. He later obtained a nationally accredited personal training certification from, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Rhydell is also certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS). He has additional Specialty certificates in: First Aid; Adult and Infant/Child CPR and AED. He has over 10 years of health and fitness experience and is currently the owner of Buffalo Fitness Training Studio in Buffalo New York.

Rhydell has had great pleasure in working with hundreds of people from all different walks of life, such as Doctor's, lawyers, Nurse Practitioners, politicians, Dentists, Accountants, Law Enforcement, Entrepreneurs, CNA's and a list of several other occupations. Rhydell also conducts fitness programs for Men, Women, and Athletes through his group exercise and personal training programs. He stresses the importance of a clean diet through his meal planning and nutritional counseling services.

Rhydell was motivated to train others from his own personal experience with Obesity and high blood pressure. He knows exactly what it is too be obese. In 2008, he decided that he wanted to help people lose weight and get fit as he did. He became a trainer at a local gym, at Fitness 19 in 2009. Eight Months later, he decided it was time to open up his own establishment and create a more private "one on one" atmosphere.

With a fully equipped studio, Rhydell Griffin has proven superior results with his clients and has begun to fill up his days with more motivated individuals looking for results. He has a very high success rate. Rhydell is extremely passionate about his craft. He only works with serious people, which is why he does not ask for referrals, he allows his results too get him new clients.

"I know exactly what it feels like to be fat. When my Doctor told me that I had high blood pressure and that I was threatening a stroke or a heart attack, I knew I had to do something about it. I was on my way to a short life if I didn't change my lifestyle"

Rhydell Griffin

One-on-One Training

Offers a semi-private setting with a tailored fitness and nutrition program designed specifically for you. This program is great for people that are intimidated by big health clubs, desire more one on one attention, and clients that have specific goals that they want too achieve. Every inch of the workout is being monitored and critiqued.

Semi-Private Training

One trainer working with two or three clients at the same time. A semi-private based exercise program that's designed specifically for you and 1-2 other people with the same fitness goals.

Small Group Personal Training

One trainer instructing a group of four to eight clients. A group based exercise program that's designed to burn fat and tone muscle with a variety of calisthenics, resistance training, and cardio exercises.

Nutritional Counseling

Customized meal plans too achieve all of your fitness goals.


All Services/programs requires a 2 day per week minimum. My rates range from $20-$50 per session depending on which program you choose.